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Howies Hockey Tape

Howies Hockey Tape

Howie got tired of sub-par tape that would fall off his stick halfway through the first period. He thought to himself, "there has to be a way to make better tape." After some time, a ton of research, and even more development, Howies Hockey Tape was born.

Renfrew Hockey Tape

Whether you play ice hockey recreationally or professionally, every time you step on the ice, you want to be focused on teamwork to win the game. Knowing you're using the best hockey tape on your stick and equipment ensures you can keep your head in the game.

Renfrew Hockey Tape
Roller Gard

Roller Gards

Whether you purchase the fun and efficient RollerGards, the strong and sturdy SuperGards or any of our other products, we guarantee that your skates will be protected for years to come. We hope you enjoy your RollerGard products just much as we enjoy creating them!

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