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Skate Sharpening Services

What you may not know about sharpening

Very few people know the difference between a quality sharpening and poor sharpening. This is due to very little education being passed to customers from the skate shops. At Soles, we do not cut corners and sharpen your skates properly.

What is a Flat Bottom V Cut?

The Flat Bottom V or 'Fire Cut' is an alternative cut where instead of a concave shape as the hollow, the hollow looks more squared out with two sharp points on each edge. The theory behind the flat bottom V is that a skater can get more grip without given up too much glide.

Goalies in particular often find this style of hollow to be beneficial. The biggest draw back for this cut is you may find you have to get your skates sharpened more frequently.

Do you offer the Flat Bottom V Cut?

Yes! Our Sparx PS100 allows us to offer our customers the option if the Flat Bottom V Cut, also known as Fire Cut. We can provide 5/8, ½, & ¾" cuts.

Should I have a Flat Bottom V Cut?

We offer Fire Cuts in the same size hollows you are used to. The best way to determine if this is the cut for you is to give it a try and see how it feels.

Why do you charge more for hand sharpening?

Hand sharpening takes more time and precision. We will work with your blade until it is not only sharp but square and level.

Is hand sharpening better?

Hand sharpening is the only real way to fix a damaged blade and is the traditional way of doing it. It takes longer to do but the results are better.

However, we have been extremely impressed with the consistency of the Sparx PS100. When calibrated correctly, this method of sharpening is just as effective. However, there are those who prefer a hand sharpened blade and we wanted to be able to offer our clients that option. Depending on the condition of your blade, hand sharpening for correction may be required.

How does your sharpening drop-off service work?

Drop bin instructions:

Our Merchandise

What do you mean by essentials?

At Soles we offer you all the accessories you may need in your skate bag. Laces, tape, socks, skate guards, wax, deodorizers, stones, mouth guards and repair kits. We even carry GONGSHOW hockey apparel.

Do you sell hockey gear?

We do not sell hockey gear.

Do you have an expensive stick you grew out of?

We sell stick extenders to allowing you to keep using it and save money.

Is all tape the same?

There are many different types. We sell tape for holding up your socks as well as specialty stick tape for more grip and better puck control. We also have NHL team branded tape to represent your favorite team.

My child's helmet parts seem loose. Is there anything I can do?

Yes. We sell a little tool kit for situations just like this so you can tighten the nuts and bolts in the locker room before the game.